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Who is the real father of Joanita Kyakuwa's daughter?

The story of Joanita Kyakuwa was a major news event in late 2005. According to what most of the public knows, Kyakuwa was staying at the home of Colonel Kizza Besigye and Winnie Byanyima in Luzira 1997, having been brought in by Byanyima.

In November 1997, the allegation goes, Besigye who had taken a sexual interest in Kyakuwa, approached her and raped her.

State House learnt of Besigyes alleged terrible deed from the "Uganda Confidential" newsletter and saw an opportunity to create fake charges against Besigye.

Most of the public also knows that Kyakuwa has a four year old child with Nick Wavamuno, a Kampala businessman.

That is what the public knows. In the following report, Radio Katwe brings you nothing less than a bombshell that we have just got and crosschecked.

Who is the real father of this child?

The child is a girl and is now four years old.

According to this source, who has connections deep inside State House, that child belongs to Museveni himself. He fathered her not long after Kyakuwa began living in State House in 2001.

This story on the fact that President Museveni is the biological father of Joanita Kyakuwa's daughter is going to break the hearts of the people at State House, because it has been one of their most closely guarded secrets ever.

Those who have seen the child say that she resembles Museveni so much that it could as well be written all over her face.

This story sounds too crazy to be true, that is why we are asking our readers to crosscheck it with their sources in Uganda.

But before you even begin asking second and third parties, here a few disturbing questions that you can ask yourself. At all times, keep this fact in mind, that Kyakuwa has no known blood relationship at all with Museveni. She could have as well been any girl walking the streets of Mbarara or Kampala.

So, if it is true that Kyakuwa was raped then "threatened" by Besigye and needed to be protected and that is why she was housed in State House Entebbe, why did she have to live specifically in State House for five years now and counting to be protected? Why not anywhere else, maybe in a private house with servants and guards?

How powerful and dangerous is this man Besigye, that when he "threatens" someone, they not only have to live in State House to be safe, but also have to take trips abroad? (we shall play naive and suggest that maybe it was to loose her trail on Besigyes hitmen? For Kyakuwas passport is full of visas to the UK, Australia and other countries. Your tax money hard at work fellow citizens).

The Presidential Guard Brigade is roughly 12,000 men and women in size.

To completely protect the endangered pretty damsel Kyakuwa, State House would only have needed to deploy about four male PGB soldiers and maybe four female soldiers, and that would have been not only enough, but even though a misuse of our money, would have appeared somewhat above board.

The reason she was living in State House is because she had become the President's mistress.

Nick Wavamuno, who is part of the fairly well-to-do Wavamuno family, could not have failed to support the child, if she was his. Even if he failed, his family members could easily have afforded an air ticket and money to have the child sent to London.

Could it be that Nick Wavamuno who has been sliding down the social ladder was, in his weakened state taken advantage of by the Museveni regime and the fatherhood pinned on him?

Some members of the Bahima community in Uganda have been insisting that Kyakuwa's daughter has no trace of Baganda (Wavamuno) blood at all, but is fully Museveni's child.

As we have just said: because this story sounds impossible to believe, we urge our readers to crosscheck it with the best sources they know of in Uganda. If possible, talk to your Bahima friends because some of them know this deeply embarrassing story.

Museveni has had a history of sexual relations with all sorts of women and girls. Here is another one that will throw more light on to the Kyakuwa story because it fits a known pattern.

There is a girl who was brought to State House to work as a cook. She was a light-skinned girl and today is in her early 30s or late 20s.

As of the time we published this article, Radio Katwe was trying to establish her exact names. She is a Muhima from the Bahororo community of Rukungiri in western Uganda.

She is distantly related to Major-General Jim Muhwezi and more closely to Kam Karyegesa, a staunch UPC leader from the 1960s generation.

Anyway, she was a beautiful girl and Museveni took an interest in her. He began sleeping with her and she had a first child with him, then a second. One source says that she has a third child with Museveni, but Radio Katwe cannot definitely confirm this third child.

As this matter became known in the Karyegesa family, they began to demand dowery or some form of bride price from Museveni for their girl. Museveni was silent about it, because he was afraid of what his wife Janet would do if he got to know about it.

As the children were growing, there came the complication of their baptism in church and how Museveni would go about it, because again, it had to remain a secret. Radio Katwe is not sure how they ended up doing it.

That cook and now a Museveni mistress was first housed at State House for some time but Museveni later rented a house for her in Entebbe. The house belonged to the late Mr. Bubulo who was a Uganda Airlines Station Manager in Dubai. It is located near the top of Nsamizi hill not far from the old State House.

That is the house where Lt. Colonel Moses Rwakitarate, the Commander of the Airforce base at Entebbe stays when he spends nights in Entebbe.

Museveni later moved her to Kampala but Radio Katwe could not readily establish where she stays in Kampala.

What we know is that her children go to school at the Aga Khan primary school in Kampala. They and their mother are driven about wherever they wish to go in army vehicles and Landrovers.

When Smart Musolin first wrote in his August 2005 email article "Museveni and Janet to Divorce" about the strains in the Janet-Museveni marriage, he mentioned that two children fathered by Museveni with a girl he met while visiting the home of Jim Muhwezi's brother in Jinja had been attributed to General Salim Saleh. It seems to be Museveni's trait to name another man as the father of his children, to protect his presidential image and of course avoid the wrath of his wife.

But a person from Kigezi who we shall leave nameless has taken it upon himself to keep track of Mr. Casanovas seed and reports that by 2005, Museveni had fathered at least 21 children from several different women.

That is the rather exciting other life of our president, H. E. Yoweri Museveni.

Though we are not exactly holding our breath, we will publish in full any statement from State House or any of Museveni's spokesmen and women who will directly or indirectly deny that Museveni is the father of Kyakuwa's daughter.


Readers Comments (unedited):

By Anonymous Mar-13-06

The cook in question who gave birth to Museveni's children is the daughter of the late Mzee Nyindombi of Kebisooni subcounty Rukungiri district. She is the sister of the Jinja RDC Mugisha Muhwezi and it is true they are Bahima.The baptism in quesion took place in Kebisooni in 2005 and Salim Saleh was the chief guest but all people in Kebissoni know who the father of the children is.

The woman is now staying at a Bungalow on Luthuli Avenue in Bugolobi near the former Palestinian Embassy.Word has it that a plot to harm this cook and her children (Museveni's children) orchestrated by the first lady Janet with the help of the embattled ISO chief Brigadier Tumukunde was foiled in its advanced stages hence the worsening of the relations between Tumukunde and Salim Saleh and ofcourse Museveni.

Museveni is said to have also fathered a child with the wife of Major General Koreta.


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